Solawave Wand Before & Afters

93% said their skin looked healthier and lifted after using the Solawave Wand for 2 weeks.

“It’s no secret that I have been on the skin struggle bus for, well...years. THIS amazing device is a GAME CHANGER!!! This is the best I’ve felt about my skin in years and I keep getting compliments. My skin is glowing again!”

Melanie, 41

“I started using the Solawave about 5 weeks ago. This little magic stick somehow depuffed and tightened the problem area of my face. So I am quite satisfied.”

James, 40

before and after pictures of red light therapy

“After my esthetician recommended Solawave to me, I took the plunge and it's made such an improvement in my skin.”

Liz, 69

blue light therapy for rosacea

“Solawave has given me back confidence! Covid has been so stressful and it’s definitely shown in my face, so if anything I should be thanking you guys!”

Ashley, 31

before and after pictures of red light therapy

“I didn’t really know what to expect when my girlfriend gave me a Solawave for my birthday. My skin looks a lot healthier, like I'm in my 20s again! Especially those under eye bags and fine lines on my forehead and cheeks.”

Doug, 37

“My skin is always changing but I did notice it started to smooth out some fine lines and decrease the appearance of my pores.”

Stephanie, 37

“Everyone my age has wrinkles. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want my skin to look its absolute best. So I took the plunge and bought a Solawave Wand. With just a few minutes of self-care per day, it’s made such a remarkable improvement in my skin.”

Monique, 47

Results may vary

Bye Acne Before & Afters

More than 90% improvement of acne in nine light therapy sessions.

“Bye Acne completely changed my face for the better. I was skeptical at first, because it’s like no other. By week 2, I saw improvements and so did my friends/family as they complimented my face clearing up. I still use Bye Acne to this day and recommend it to whoever struggles with acne. It’s quick, easy, painless, and most of all- efficient.”

Sarah, 23

“It was quick, easy, and mess free to use Bye Acne! While getting ready I can treat zits or watching a movie. I would recommend this for the gal on the go who needs a little skincare fix.”

Sonji, 22

“I loved using the Bye Acne because of how simple and easy it is to use, yet so effective! I would recommend it to anyone with acne! For how quick the 3-minute treatment is, I was so surprised by how effective it was, and super happy with my results!”

Ingrid, 23

“I'm happy with how much it cleared up my acne. I'm usually worried I'd get more breakouts when I get new face creams but I didn't have that fear with this.”

Nishagaih, 28

“I can’t go without it! Very effective at treating breakouts, preventing new ones, and healing my skin.”

Christina, 32

“After the first day of using Bye Acne, it shrank my mega pimple more in 24 hours than ten other things I tried in the previous 3-4 weeks. Now that I am using the Bye Acne light whenever some new evil pops up, I am able to make them disappear completely within 2 days. I have never felt this confident or optimistic about my skin.”

Jamie, 25

Results may vary


of people reported their skin looked more vibrant and lifted after using Solawave for 14 days.


of people reported their skin looks healthier and more hydrated after using Solawave for 14 days.


of people reported their skin looked better than it did before after using Solawave for 14 days.

Based on an independent claims validation study of 60 people over 30 days. Results may vary.


“I noticed improvement to my skin's overall color literally after two days. My redness is so subdued, my pores look clearer/smaller and I have had so many people tell me I look radiant! If you've been thinking about it, just buy it!!! You will not regret this.”

Taylor H., 27
Totally Amazed

“Started showing a difference in two weeks. I’m totally amazed …it’s working!! My face is softer, and lines and wrinkles are truly fading away. Thank you…You saved me buying expensive face creams that didn’t show any difference.”

Teri M., 65
Cannot Recommend Enough!

“I’ve had my Solawave for a month & my acne scars have significantly gone down, my breakouts are smaller and go away quicker. SO much cheaper than going to a Laser place and getting sessions done once a month, when I can do this every night for a one time cost!”

Chandler M., 21
Goodbye Puffy Under Eye!

“I have been using the Solawave for a few weeks and am thrilled with the results. Within the first few days I immediately noticed how much it was helping with the puffiness around my eyes. It is so relaxing and easy to use, it feels like I am treating myself!”

Kristie C., 52


“I've been specializing in microcurrent for 9 years and Solawave is a great microcurrent tool you can use in the comfort of your own home – with the added benefit of Red Light Therapy working together at the same time. I always have clients asking how they can treat fine lines and puffiness in between appointments – this is it!”


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