The Ultimate Self-Care Tool

4 proven skincare technologies in one powerful device

SolaWave Wand

SolaWave Wand

49 reviews

A professional-grade spa treatment wrapped in a portable wand you can take anywhere.

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SolaWave & Pure Hydration Serum Kit

SolaWave & Pure Hydration Serum Kit

19 reviews

Tag-team your blemishes with the powerful combo that was made for each other (and for you)

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Pure Hydration Conductive Serum

Pure Hydration Conductive Serum

Amplify the SolaWave's effects with our hydrating Pure Hydration Conductive Serum.

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Renew Complex Conductive Serum

Renew Complex Conductive Serum

7 reviews

Amplify the SolaWave's effects with our Blue Tansy Conductive Serum.

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Science-backed Technology

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy at a wavelength of 620nm deeply rejuvenates skin, protects against oxidative stress, and visibly fades skin discoloration


Microcurrents help to tone, tighten, and lift-- increasing skin resilience with consistent use

Soothing Warmth

The heated surface helps increase the absorption of skin care products, temporarily reduces redness, and brightens dark circles under the eyes

Facial Massage

Sonic vibration helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, boosting the skin’s luminosity and radiance

90° Rotating Head

Rotate SolaWave 90° to get all the benefits of a T-bar formation in those hard-to-reach areas

Touch Activation

Kiss buttons goodbye. Smart touch activation turns SolaWave on and off only when it’s touching your skin--increasing the battery life of the wand

“You can feel it working immediately. Love the wand, love the gel, love it all!”
– Heather V
“Easiest microcurrent device I’ve ever used, so sleek and tiny too.”
– Rachel B
“I’ve had dry skin for as long as I can remember. The combo has transformed my skin.”
– Yasmina K
“Fastest way to get my skin looking good after a long night of drinking.”
– Leah C
“It’s really the most relaxing way to end my day. It’s also been working magic for my eye bags.”
– CHarlie O