Sat, Aug 22, 20

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you may have experienced the thrilling practice of using “hot stones.” While touching a 145°F heated stone may sound scary to some, most people find the sensation to be totally painless and incredibly soothing. Let it be known, though, that this ancient medicinal practice isn’t just used to elicit an “Ooooh….Aaaaah” from the recipient.


How Does Warming Affect Skin?

When heat is applied to the surface of skin, it immediately widens the blood vessels in a process called vasodilation. At this point, blood circulation is greatly increased, resulting in unclogged pores, improvement of color, and reduction of inflammation. To put it plainly: heating the skin can expel dirt and toxins while reducing stiffness and pain. Sounds pretty nice, right?

From a beauty standpoint, factors like product waste (i.e., every time you apply your favorite pricey serum, your skin only absorbs 60% of it) can be a huge blow to your budget. Heat treatments reduce product waste by opening pores and encouraging full absorption of the product into the deepest layers of your skin. In addition, heating can also melt away infected clogs of bacteria in your blood vessels, which eliminates dark circles and under-eye bags; giving you a clean, even canvas to apply your favorite beauty products.


Put Down the Hot Water Bottle, There’s a Better Way

If you’re looking for a quick way to experience these benefits yourself, you may be tempted to simply grab the nearest hot pack or compress--but these methods may not be delicate enough for facial use (let’s avoid the feeling of sweaty suffocation, shall we?).

The good news is that there are several handheld devices on the market that will allow you to safely heat targeted areas of your face, efficiently. The not-so-good news is that a decent heated facial massager will run you between $75--$250 (which does make just heating up some rocks from your yard sound more appealing--but WAIT for it!)


The SolaWave Solution

Here at SolaWave Beauty, we’re proud to offer a revolutionary 4-in-1 skincare device that can provide all the benefits of a full spa visit in just 5 minutes. Not only does SolaWave gradually heat up to a cozy temp of 114°F, but it also includes advanced technologies like microcurrent, red light LED therapy, and sonic vibration in a portable wand you can use on the go. At just $149, SolaWave is the most affordable device of its kind, offering an all-inclusive skincare routine for hundreds less than other products that only have half of our features.

So if you’re warming up (ahem) to the idea of a heated facial massager, why not try something that offers all of these benefits and more? Learn more about the science behind SolaWave here!